Colorado Voter Fraud Runs Rampant

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Colorado Voter Fraud Runs Rampant
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The autumn skies are bright blue this afternoon in the Mile High City. The vistas of the nearby Rockies are as sublime as the mild breezes that amble down the street. And yet Marilyn Marks could not be more worried. She fears that Republican Rep. Cory Gardner could lose a U.S. Senate seat in the mail — literally.
“He has a real chance of winning,” Marks told me. “But this ‘100 percent absentee ballot’ disaster is likely to undermine every GOP candidate in a tight race.”
Mail-in ballots once were reserved, on request, for those absent on Election Day or too infirm to reach the polls.
Colorado has jumbo-sized this concept.
Coloradans now vote universally on mail-in ballots. Democrats last year enacted this system with zero Republican support — like Obamacare. Some 3.6 million such ballots have reached active voters and even those who last voted in 2008.
“I’m going to people’s houses where they’re getting seven ballots to a household,” Republican State Senator Ted Harvey told the Washington Times. “Their children when they were 18 registered to vote there. They’re now 30 years old and living somewhere else, but now that their inactive voting status is now active, the clerk and recorders are required to send them ballots . . . If Mom and Dad wanted to, they could vote them.”
In another potential headache, “harvesters” will collect ballots door to door. “The proliferation of ‘ballot harvesting’ ranges from perfectly legal campaigning to pressure tactics to undue influence to intimidation to forgery of ballots and everything in between,” Marks says.
During last summer’s local election on natural-gas fracking, Loveland residents complained that vote harvesters impersonated
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